03 / 03 / 2021
Bike Zone Tri Sim 2021-2022 Series




2019, Tri Sim was a simulation racing program of triathlon, without timing chips. More than 30 athletes participated.

In 2021, Tri Sim was developed to be a short triathlon racing program. Our aims are to measure ability, develop performance, and prepare athletes for longer triathlon racing.

Chip Timing is operated for everyone to record their progress. Furthermore, athletes can collect the scores then get the prizes of each 4 states and Overall prizes by the end of the year.

Start with race yourself, beat yourself, win your best time #YourPersonalBest


Swimming 400 meters (In standard swimming pool, 4 rounds of  50 meters)

Cycling 20 kilometers (1 round along canal road)

Running 5 kilometers (4 rounds )

Event Map

Bike course

Red zone is quite dangerous, please be careful

Run course

Race Categories

  • Men
  • Women

Resulting around 10.30 am



Ubonratana Ratchakanya swimming pool of Maejo University, Chiang Mai



Race 1, 13 March 2022

Race 2,8 May 2022

Race 3, 17 July 2022

Race 4, 11 Sep 2022

Race schedule

6.00 Transition Open

6.45 Brief for triathlete

7.30 Swim Start

11.00 Award and lucky draw ceremony

11.30 Cut off time


1. BIB number (please bring with your race belt)

2. Sticker number for putting on helmet

3. 1 of Running T-shirt by I Am Sport wear

4. 1 of energy bar from Fruit bound

5. 1 of Tri Sim token when finish the race within 4 hours (Collect 4 tokens to build a master token)

Racing Prizes

3 Trophies and gifts from sponsors for men 

3 Trophies and gifts from sponsors for women

Scoring and Prizes of 2021-2022

Position and point in each race

3 most point collected of men and women will get an elephant doll and gifts from Bike Zone

In case of same collected points, priority is for higher position of the last race

Race Rule


  • Accept risk or the accident that might happen
  • Listen to the rule of racing before start
  • Please wear a mask for protecting the risk of Covid-19 all the time before and after race
  • Prepare your equipment: bike, helmet, Swimming goggles, etc.
  • Park your bike at the correct number place and put other equipments in front
  • Take the garbage in the arranged place


  • Put your BIB number with you while being around swimming pool area then give to the staff before swim
  • Headphone is not allowed to use
  • Please swim in organized route and count the round by yourself
  • Only swimming suit or tri suit can get into the pool
  • Cut off for swimming section is 8.10 am


  • Get on and get off the bike in the right place
  • Keep left along the road all the time
  • Ride legally, the traffic is not closed
  • Do not follow others people closer than 5 meters
  • Any kind of bike that come with braking system can be used
  • Wear helmet all of the cycling time, if no helmet not allowed to ride
  • Please wear top and bottom while cycling
  • Put BIB number behind
  • Be Careful dangerous in Red zone
  • No water station along cycling route


  • Please wear top and bottom while running
  • 1 water station located near the route
  • Run on the arranged route, keep left and count the round by yourself
  • Put BIB number in front
  • Cut off at 11.00 am
  • Give the Chip Timing back to our staff next to the finish line, The fee is 1,000 baht of lost
  • Should not leave valuables stuff in transition, no responsibility for organizer in case of lost
  • Respect the place, and other people
  • The organizer’s decision is final
  • Sportmanship
  • The next state registration will open on race day


Prevention and control measures for the spread of COVID-19

  1. All applicants, followers, spectators and staff traveling to the race
    1.1 Must be fully vaccinated a
    1.2 There must be an Antigen Test Kit (ATK) test by your self within 72 hours

On race day

  1. Competitors must wear a mask at all times except when swimming, cycling, running. (There will be a place to leave the mask before going into the pool)
  2. Temperature check at the entrance
  4. Receive a wristband after finish passed the inspection. Please enter throughout the competition. For those who doesn’t have a wristband is unable to enter the event.

Entry Fee

1 race for 950 baht

Package 4 Race 3100 baht


Close Registration

Race 1 Close 1 March 2022

Race 2 Close 30 April 2022

Race 3 Close 30 June 2022

Race 4 Close 31 August 2022


Registration link : https://forms.gle/5HszeM38WxGDXJKm8

Hand in proof of payment link : https://forms.gle/6kcnCJ7wNnJ8GG4U9

Registration 100 slots/Race



  • No refund
  • No changing slot to other name as register
  • No transferring registration to different or next state